Air Distribution · Exhaust Systems


We pride ourselves on the sustained high quality of our work. Our mechanics are well-trained and experienced in the latest service techniques, including the design, fabrication, and installation of duct work for new or existing systems. Our in house metal fabrication shop allows us to do a total customized job from beginning to end.


Good duct design is meant to properly distribute air to economically heat and cool the building. The duct design process provides a duct system that:

  • Provides conditioned air to meet heating and cooling requirements.
  • Is properly sized so that the pressure drop across the air handler is within manufacturer and design specifications.
  • Is sealed to supply proper air flow and to prevent air from entering the building or duct system from polluted zones.
  • Balances supply and return air flows to preserve a neutral pressure in the building.
  • Minimizes duct air temperature gains or losses between the air handler and supply outlets, and between the return register and air handler.


Temptrol’s in-house metal fabrication shop allows us to fabricate customized ductwork to meet the customer’s specific needs.

  • Cut for proper sizing
  • Bend for customized specifications
  • Insulate internal and external
  • Seal with adhesives
  • Assemble
  • Prepare for transport to job site


Our experienced mechanics will personally transport and install the customized air distribution system at the job site.

  • Transport
  • Assemble
  • Attach to existing duct work and equipment
  • Test and Air Balance

"Good indoor air quality will put a smile on your employees' faces"