Air Conditioning · Heating · Refrigeration

Air Conditioning:

Temptrol’s trained technicians pride themselves on top quality service and repairs on all types of air conditioning systems. We will stabilize the air temperature and humidity within any occupied or unoccupied area creating a safe and healthy building environment. Temptrol specializes in providing the proper environment for computer rooms. Computer Rooms have sensitive equipment which requires an environment significantly different than that of the average room.

  • Rooftop Package Units
  • Split Systems
  • Heat Pumps
  • Computer Room Units


A properly maintained heating system is likely to perform better and last longer. Temptrol can provide service and maintenance for all your heating requirements. Temptrol’s technicians have been trained to work on a variety of heating equipment. Whether it is a large boiler to open for a state inspection or a roof top package unit for your office space, Temptrol can provide the services you need.

  • Hot water Boiler
  • Warm Air Gas furnace
  • Heat Pump Oil Furnace
  • Unit Heater Steam Boiler


Temptrol’s 24 hour service gives you the peace of mind that your refrigeration system is properly looked after with limited down time. Our expert service for your ice machines or cold storage refrigeration guarantees minimum off line time in your operation. Temptrol technicians give our customers fast, careful, and accurate work. This excellent turn-around time ensures performance, not practice.

  • Food Service
  • Ice Machines

"Preventative Maintenance is the way to go...
to keep all of your HVAC costs low."